Contest Rules!

  • Based on the scores they receive while taking the quiz, the winners for each will be announced.
  • The results of each quiz will be quickly announced.
  • In all, you will have 60 seconds to answer the quiz's 20 questions.
  • Each question will have four possibilities listed underneath it, and one of those will be the correct response.
  • You receive 25 points for each correct response.
  • You lose 10 points for each incorrect response.
  • If you get stranded during the competition, don't forget to use the lifelines.
  • Users may only utilise each lifeline once every contest, keep in mind. To use the lifeline for free, use a certain number of coins from your coin bank or briefly watch an advertisement.
  • You could use one of four lifelines:
    • 50:50 – Two erroneous responses will be removed from the screen after using it.
    • Freezer Time – The running timer will be suspended for 30 seconds to give users extra opportunity to respond to the question.
    • Audience Poll – You can use this option to select the correct response from a list of four possibilities by counting on the audience's cunning.
    • Flip Question – A new question will replace the one that is now displayed on the screen.